Influenza, Day 7, 6pm, Empty Streets

Tonight I went out at 6pm
To go to Novena number four,
The rosary for Elvia’s husband, Jesus. (hay-sus)
Leaving our house in Santa Julia
I headed down Ignacio Allende
To Avenida Guadalupe,
Along the stinky creek,
Those of you who live here
Know which creek I’m talking about
Then up Canal, around the Jardin
Across and down Relox
Past Insurgente to the Novena.

Aside from the boys playing soccer
In the empty dusty lot on the corner
The streets were virtually empty of traffic.
Normally, you can walk faster
Than you can drive this time of day.
It’s pretty amazing to see the town
At a complete standstill.
Here’s a video of the streets
At rush hour, 6pm,
When cars are usually
Bumper to bumper
On every single one of these streets.
[youtube= mWEMN1GHeps]

I think that half of San Miguel
Was here at the Novena.
In a long narrow hallway,
Out the door and onto the street
The people stood,
With three times as many people
Going the other direction behind me
On the terraza above, even more.
Altogether, there are about 150 people
For the rosary,
For day number four
The day the little children
Place flor de Maria
Better known in English as Statice
On the Altar.
Below, my neighbor Petra
Places flowers on the altar
The white cross,
Made from cal/lime powder
On the floor
With Candles