Seven Deadly Sins

In Queretaro, there is a nacimiento in the main plaza – four blocks filled with larger than life Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three kings bearing gifts, walking along with their elephant and white horse. There’s the annunciation, with Mary and the Archangel Gabriel, a menagerie of animals surrounding the manger, shepherds and towns people, a garden of Eden – not just a little garden but complete with a lake, flamingos, water birds and a naked adam and eve.

On one side there are statues of families breaking pinatas, women in nostalgic Mexican dress in the kitchen cooking, a forest with bears and wolves. But not to be outdone by the worst of them all – the seven deadly sins depicted as super size devils, some with their heads in the ground, only their feet and legs dangling in the air, the rest as the seven deadlies – Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, as shown in the slideshow below.  What can I say except only in Mexico will you see the Virgin Mary with naked Adam and Eve, and the seven deadly sins depicted as devils – and bigger than life at that –  in a Christmas nativity.

Click on the Devil to view this community nativity.

The Nativity and the Seven Deadly Sins — Click on the photo to view the slideshow