Influenza Day 8 and Fifth Novena

Regarding the ‘S’ word…
We walked into town about 5:30
The Jardin is full today,
The streets are still rather quiet.
No one but the waiters
are wearing the masks (tapabocas)
Nor do you see many
Hanging it around people’s necks.

Looking at the photos,
I would say everyone is pretty relaxed
Just thoroughly enjoying
A peaceful, quiet afternoon
In the center of town,
Not too worried today
About the flu or anything else.

Tonight’s novena is the fifth
About 100 flowers are brought in
For each of the five misterios
There is a line up of children,
About twenty of them,
Beto and his younger sister
Hand a single long stemmed flower
To each child, who holds it high
Over their heads, singing
As they walk single file
And place the flower on the altar.


Two of Jesus’ daughters
Carry roses.

Beto and Victoria
Lead the songs
While Chucho, a little 7 year old

Who has been to every novena,
Whose mother must carry him
All the times, holds his rose
To place on the altar

Last but not least,  for a little fun,
There is a wonderfully tacky pink and silver fountain
‘Fuente del Palmar’
Near the Artisan market.
I especially like the choice of colors,
The painted fake rocks,
Which you can really see in the bottom photo.
They  are surreal up close.


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