Semana Santa Winds Down

As if Semana Santa wasn’t enough
The church that holds Senor de las columas,
The San Juan de Dios Church,
Is still holding services throughout the day
And when there are none,
People still sit in the pews praying.

This morning we walked past
On our way to the market
The children’s choir and brass band
Brought us to the door
Where we heard this:


As we wandered through town
We encountered mariachis
At the Universidad de leon,
Note that this is at 9am,
A fiesta and celebration
For the students

The altar at the big food market
Has changed again –
Jesus, risen-
Last week, the crucifixion
The weeks before that,
The Virgin of Guadalupe

The day ended
With the annual puppet festival,
Festival de Titeres,
in the Jardin
With Ana Zavala
Puppetress/actress extraordinaire
And the story of a town without water
[slideshow id=3386706919797951212&w=426&h=320]
How a young girl, Sofia,
Is discovered to have
Tears of sweet water,
Lagrimas del agua dulce,
Is forced to cry
Until the town has enough water
For drinking
For washing
For watering plants.

She is forced
By her mean greedy father
And his cronies,
to cry until she cannot take it anymore.
Her good friend Felipe,
And her grandmother,
Upon having enough of this distress
And hearing the mayor will spank
All the bottoms of the children
So they will all cry and create
Even more sweet water –
Which make him  even richer,
Take matters into their own hands
And save Sofia
And the children of the town
From the fate of the water greedy tyrants.
Children cannot be used for such purposes.

All of this happens
Amongst the sounds of crows crowing
Cows mooing, goats bleating
And Sofia’s grandmother
Who narrates the story
All the parts played by
Ana Zavala.