The creek, almost to the level of the market stalls, up about 15 feet from it’s normal height (of zero inches).

As of this morning we’ve had 5.99 inches of rain since Monday. That’s 1/3 of the total rainfall for a normal year here.  Yesterday, the radio was announcing the evacuation of the lower areas in town as the waters rose in the ‘stinky creek,’ now a formidable raging river.  The market stalls on Avenida Guadalupe were being emptied, rows of taxis waiting to help.  Everyone was in a curious and quiet mood, seemingly with out much concern, but getting out nevertheless as they all remembered the flood of 1998, where without much warning the entire lower market was washed out.

Water at Plaza Parian, Avenida Guadalupe CLICK ON THE PHOTO to go to the album

Here’s a few photos and a video – not great quality, but nevertheless a view of the creek, people moving their stores and standing around waiting to see what would happen.