Zoe’s visit – day 2 continued..

After the market,
Of which you can really only handle about 3 hours of,
I took her over the overpass
And into the new Luciernaga mall
Which was not here
The last time she lived here

Crossing over to the Luciernaga
Crossing over to the Luciernaga

We had a small shopping spree in Liverpool
Looking for tank tops of which we found two
And stood around
Trying to figure out
Just how any Mexican family
Could afford to purchase clothing there.

We stopped at the Italian coffee company For iced coffee.
They couldn’t seem to get it
That we didn’t want a slushy, sweet Frappuchino
And we finally had to order two double espressos
Then went back and ordered a tall glass of ice
To pour them over – go figure.
But it worked, and we sat out In the round theatre area
And discovered in front of us, this sign:

Bet & Win Casino
Bet & Win Casino

 I forgot to mention
That we had stopped into the game center
That resides outside of Liverpool
To play a few hands of skeeball
Which we are both really good at
We won lots of points on a card
That we will save for baby Andreas
When he comes to visit.
So when we sat down,
And saw the bet and win sign.
We first thought it was another game center
But quickly realized that San Miguel Has a casino!
In the shopping mall!
Makes perfect Mexican sense to me…
Mom goes shopping, dad goes gambling
Or something on that order.

We finished off our iced coffees
And quickly got over our reservations
To walk in there at one in the afternoon.


 First you buy a swipeable casino card
We put $100 pesos each on our cards
Then you put it into the machine
Which has loads of buttons
And no instructions!

Cool overhead lights
Cool overhead lights

My card didn’t work
So I called the attendant
Who turned it the right direction
And voila, worked just fine
Except, we could not figure out
For the life of us
Exactly which machine to play

Should we play Mexico Lindo?

Slot Machine - Mexico Lindo
Slot Machine – Mexico Lindo

 Or Sweet Love….

Sweet Love

Or one of these?

Which one??
Which one??

Do you believe all of this is right here in San Miguel?

Well, to make a long story short,
I won $38 Pesos
Which I cashed right in!
Almost 40% on my money, yeah!
And Zoe…. bet and lost

Bet And Lost!
Bet And Lost!

I have to say
That we felt really ridiculous
Even walking in
Then even more ridiculous
Trying to figure out how to play
And even more so
When the woman kept explaining
How to do it -but in a dialect
That seemed foreign even to me
Who can speak the language.

Even so, we had a few good belly laughs