Xilitla, Las Pozas

Xilitla Las Pozas from Suzanne da Rosa on Vimeo.

Las Posas – beginning with the trip through the mountains outside of Queretaro and into the tropical green of Xilitla and Las pozas, the sculptures, the labyrinth quality of the sculptures in the jungle, ending with the pools and waterfalls
A busy
Three weeks.

We’ve had two separate family visits
which prompted us
to look into trips
around the area
and around Mexico
that we have been wanting to take.

First, we went to Guanajuato where we’ve been so many times and love. Then we’ve done various local things like the Tuesday market and walking around town plus  a tour of the Rancho Canada de La Virgen (another post that I’m working on) and a trip to the very unique Las Pozas in Xilitla.

Las Pozas is Edward James’ surrealistic, labyrinth, Jungle Castle in the Sierra Gorda Moountains….

The stories about this incredible place are to come
Over the next week – there was so much to see and  absorb –
In this inspiring wonderland in the jungle.
This album below has a selection of photos.
(The full album is on our old blog, you can see it here)