Where Did The Last Two Weeks Go?

Yikes! all of a sudden two weeks have gone by.
I’m working on several posts which if all goes well,
Will be up by the end of the week –

The final movie of the sunday parade is finished.
You can click on the photo below
Or go here to read the entire post.
The movie is at the end.

Click On Photo To View Movie of the Sunday morning parade - the dancers getting ready, practicing parts of their dances, and shots of the parade route.

Fireworks and castillo tower fireworks
The final Festival of San Miguel video

Guanajuato and the Cervantino Festival

The Olga Costa, Jose Chavez Morado Museum


Dori Locos –
You have to love what they do with food here.
Complete with video of how to make these yourself.
Here’s the link to the Dori Locos Post which is finished.

After all this, a posting from Charco del Ingenio
Where I am going today to video a private botanical tour
Let by former director Mario Mendoza.
This post is done, click here to read it.

Last, but not least
As a follow up to Billie’s blog on shrimp coctail
A delicious new recipe that has NO sugar or catsup in it.

Well, I take that back –
There’s one more, a trip to Pena de Bernal
A weaving town that has a spectacular rock monument
The third largest in the world
Behind the rock of Gibraltar and Sugar loaf in Brazil.