Up Up and Away and More Sounds

Twice this week,

While walking down the hill from my swim
There have been major events in the Jardin.
On Monday, the entire area was covered
In big white tarps, shade cloth,
A stage and bleachers
With go-go dancers on the stage
Wearing red and yellow
Singing a repetetive song
Whose main words were

Televsion Azteca had semi trucks
Wrapped around the Jardin,
Filming a commercial is my guess.

Later that day,
They were still there,
Dancers still going at it,
The tarps and shade cloth removed,
In the hot sun, against the backdrop
Of the Parroquia.

Today, a hot air balloon,
From up above,
It was hard to tell  if it was landing or taking off
Nevertheless, a hot air balloon in the center of town?

Apparently so,
And just about to take off.


Below, not quite a hot air balloon,
But one of my favorite vistas
Cactus in flowerpots
On the edge of buildings
Against a blue sky


A moment before takeoff
There were no filming teams
Just a bunch of guys,
Taking a ride





Heading southwest today…


Back on the sounds theme,
Here’s the latest from a walk around town.
The town garbage crier first
Banging his metal plate
As he walks down the street
Then a drum and bugle corp
In Parque Juarez, early evening,
Then the transito cop
Directing traffic outside of las Monjas church
At the corner of Zacateros.
Finally, a brand new gas truck
Almost makes you want to dance.