Suculencia – Cacti Transformed

Kate McKenna, photographer and friend, has a show at the Oasis Boutique Hotel.

She photographs cactus, large and close-up then works them into prints on canvas.

The process of blowing these up life size causes them to mature and transform into a completely new work.

They are reborn in the nature of a painting –  or so it seems until you are right up close where the magnification of the image combined with the texture of the canvas enters the eye and mind in a new way that disassembles the assumptions one has about cactus in a desert climate. They are colorful, vibrant and restful pieces that say ‘come closer, there’s more inside.’

Go by and have a look for yourself.  It’s something you have to see up close.

The show runs from today, March 5-20, 2010, 12-4pm Monday through Friday.
Chiquitos #1A.

You can reach Kate at her website and view her photographs by clicking here.

It is an unusual and beautiful show, curated by Kate and Kathleen Eckles Mann, in a beautiful location.

You won’t want to miss it.