Suculencia – Cacti Transformed

Kate McKenna, photographer and friend, has a show at the Oasis Boutique Hotel.

She photographs cactus, large and close-up then works them into prints on canvas.

The process of blowing these up life size causes them to mature and transform into a completely new work.

They are reborn in the nature of a painting –  or so it seems until you are right up close where the magnification of the image combined with the texture of the canvas enters the eye and mind in a new way that disassembles the assumptions one has about cactus in a desert climate. They are colorful, vibrant and restful pieces that say ‘come closer, there’s more inside.’

Go by and have a look for yourself.  It’s something you have to see up close.

The show runs from today, March 5-20, 2010, 12-4pm Monday through Friday.
Chiquitos #1A.

You can reach Kate at her website and view her photographs by clicking here.

It is an unusual and beautiful show, curated by Kate and Kathleen Eckles Mann, in a beautiful location.

You won’t want to miss it.

6 thoughts on “Suculencia – Cacti Transformed”

  • I went to her site. Wow! I love the abstraction and the color. I’ll definitely stop by to see the images up close and personal. Thanks so much for bringing her work to my attention.

  • Kate’s work is amazing. We wandered around the little boutique hotel to see the pictures that were displayed in the various rooms. The photos were incredible. The colours were vibrant and natural. You really have to see her work to really appreciate it… the canvas comes alive.

    I was really impressed.

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