More Sounds and Things

Every time I get a little theme going (…sounds)
Something else comes up that doesn’t quite fit
But has it’s own merits.
This morning, as we were walking out the door,
We were greeted by two horses.
Now we don’t live in centro,
But we also don’t live in the campo,
So a horse is an unusual event here.

Coming up the street behind them
Is their owner, in jeans, jacket, hat
And cowboy boots, carrying a rope,
Talking to the horses as he came along.
We automatically start moving back and forth,
Across the street, arms waving,
To keep them in place.
Of course I just happened to be carrying my camera.
Already set on the movie setting.
I especially like the sounds he makes
While trying to get the horse to behave.

Afterwards, we discovered
They left us a little present,
Which Micho, our neighbor’s cat
Immediately explored,
To see if it was worth eating.



6 thoughts on “More Sounds and Things”

  • In the picture in front of your house I am not sure which present the horse left – the man or the waste.

  • Oh it was a present! ….I thought someone just got real excited about seeing the horses running wild …. tee hee

  • Only you, mom, would be out there wrangling horses with your camera in one hand! I think it is a permanent extension of your arm! Great video though! Extremely random, but great!

  • reminds me of the morning I saw three ponies and horse suddenly run through my yard followed by two men trying to corrall them. I guess you would say we are “campo” of sorts but there are not many horses, and those that exist should not be running loose through my holler/subdivision.

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