More Sounds

Following up on the sounds of Mexico #1
Today started out very quietly
At 8:15 with our local milk seller
Who carried two tin milk cans
On either side of his donkey
Ladling it  into your own container
I’m sure it’s not pasteurized.
As he leaves to go off to the next street
He gives the donkey a tap on the rear
Runs and jumps up behind the wooden saddle
And rides down the road.

After that, we got the good metal collector truck
The one you can actually understand what they are saying.
Then the gas truck – just a little song today
All this before 9:30.
At 3:30 a white truck, carrying a long ladder,
A loud speaker and a few guys drove by
Then waited at the end of the street
Playing upbeat music, then a political announcement
Followed by more music as they drove away.
Last, the hardest to catch
The garbage truck
9am Monday Morning
Here’s the movie: