Mexican Independence In 2 Minutes

The Independence of Mexico, starring:
Ignacio Allende
Padre Miguel Hidalgo
Dona Josefa Ortiz
Juan Aldama
Ignacio Perez on his horse
The people of Mexico.

Independencia in 2 Minutes from Suzanne da Rosa on Vimeo.

For those of you who do not understand Spanish
it goes like this:
Dona Josefa in Queretaro, searches for Ignacio Perez to ride his horse to San Miguel el Grande to give a scroll proclaiming the insurgence to Ignacio Allende.


Alas, Ignacio is not home so he gathers a companion and they ride together past Atotonilco to Dolores where they find Ignacio Allende, Padre Miguel Hidalgo and Juan Aldama waiting.  He hails Allende – Capitan Allende! Capitan Allende! and hands him the scroll at which point there is much difficulty getting the ribbon off so they can read it.

Hidalgo is really more interested in the sword on Allende’s belt than the scroll.  They each read the proclamation and head to the Parroquia to ring the bell, calling the people together for the fight.

The grito is shouted while they people wave flags and cry
and they dance.

Below, my friend Elvia’s daughter, Lupita.