Hermanos Aguascalientes

For the 33rd consecutive year, Hermanos Aguascalientes performed a concert to a standing room only audience in the Jardin. They were playing something like Stranger in the Night when we arrived. We rolled our eyes, the look that says if there’s one more like this we’ll leave – yes?

2010 Hermanos Aguascalientes from Suzanne da Rosa on Vimeo.

But sometimes you get surprised, and we did. The variety of the – for lack of a better term – elevator music, mixed right in with traditional Mexican folk songs, an oral history of the music of Mexico mixed with song. The two violinists, brothers, were dancing around, smiling and having a great time with the audience.

Best of all, they had the audience eating out of their hands. It brought out people of all ages and types who were chanting along, doing the wave, rolling their arms around and clapping to the music.