Barking Dog?

If you’ve been following the barking dog saga
The last word was that the dog was off the roof
At the rancho
In the patio
Yesterday I heard that old familiar sound
ArfARFARfarfArFarfArF….Arf arf arf
For about 15 minutes I just listen
Then, I go up to look, to be sure it’s her.

I crawled up the stairs to the terraza
Turned around, only to see
The neighbors directly across
(Who had the first and worst barking dog,)
Staring at me from their terraza
Ooops, I tried not to look back.

Looking in the other direction
Sure enough, she was there again.
I yelled down to John
She’s there again!!!
15 minutes later
She was gone
Quiet and peaceful again.
Was it an illusion?

John thinks that after NOT hearing it
For four full days and nights
That they decided it was really awful
They didn’t like it either,
And decided to keep her down.
They’ve been trained!

I, in my cynicism, suggested
They were attempting to re-train us
30 minutes today
40 minutes tomorrow
50 minutes the next day
A day off, maybe two
Then, in about a month
We’d be trained for the full 24 hours.

I have to say though, they did not
Put her back up again.
Maybe John is right.

Meantime, I bought a plane ticket
To go visit my new grand baby Andreas.
Who is growing by the minute
If I don’t go soon,
He’ll be talking already!
Andreas Jan11

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