New Church Announcement

They came by at 6am this morning, rockets and all. The procession wound through town, past all the other churches for a blessing, then returned to our street about 1pm.

The new church in our neighborhood opened its doors today and this is the formal announcement, followed by the man with the black collection box.  If you open your door to watch, you are expected to make a donation.


1 thought on “New Church Announcement”

  • What a great idea of having the black collection box and “billing” the folks who dared open their door to see what the commotion was all about. Reminds me of a banner in a bar with the inscription “YCJCYAQFTJB” (Your curiosity just cost you a quarter for the juke box”).Maybe our poor little parish church should try the same thing. But, of course… if we went around banging the drum at 6am in this inner city neighborhood …we might have other “issues”.

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