Dori Locos

Dori Locos 

You just have to go for it.
I mean street food.
In this case,
We have Dori Locos,
The recipe
As well as the video

We’ve only seen these
In Guanajuato
But I’m pretty sure
You can find them
In other Mexican cities
With a local twist.

Dori Locos! from Suzanne da Rosa on Vimeo.

First the recipe,
Which I made up from the video.
It’s basically a bag of Doritos
With a concoction of almost every food group
It may even count as a complete meal.

First  you need a bag of doritos.
Any flavor will do, but in our case,
They are the spicy cheese kind.
First, cut the bag open
Take out the little toy,
Add a few tongs full of chopped cucumber
Spoon in a few peanuts
Then some fake pasta chicharron
Then carefully tong in a good batch
Of pickled pig skin which you can buy
In the grocery or the candy stores here.
Add a few big spoonfuls of fresh tomato salsa
Salt liberally
Add some San Luis Salsa
A garnish of lettuce
More fresh salsa
Two squeezes of lime,
A fork
A napkin
Charge 15 pesos if you are selling these.

I would bet that these taste much better
On the street
Than in your own home.

When we asked what these were called
There was a big discussion
Between the chef,
His elderly friend, and a group of buyers.
The best they could come up with
Was something like ‘vitrales con condimentos’
What exactly are vitrales?
Pig stomach or something like that?
It didn’t make any sense because vitrales
Have to do with glass.
But it was a better explanation than none,
It got everyone involved
And it didn’t matter anyway.

The next day,
We met up with Mexico Bob and his wife Gina.
Bob is another blogger here in Mexico
With whom we have been having discussions
Over our blogs about  Mexico
We decided to meet in person for breakfast
As we were in Guanajuato,
Somewhat close to Irapuato where they live.
After a nice visit and getting to know each other,
We wandered through town
Stopping in to have a second look at these creations.
Bob and Gina were immediately able to clear up the mystery
Of what these are called
Dori Locos!
Of course, it makes perfect sense.
It is nothing but loco
To make a salad with pickled pig skin
Out of a bag of Doritos.

If you missed the link to the video – click here