Brunch, Hotel Villa Santa Monica

During the tourist season
You can have Sunday brunch
At the Hotel Antigua Villa Santa Monica

Quesadillas, eggs and cafe de la olla from the chefs on the outside patio
Quesadillas, eggs and cafe de la olla from the chefs on the outside patio

Whose entrance is at the back end of Parque Juarez.
They serve a combination of fruits and cereals,
Pancakes, bacon, queso fundido with goat cheese,
Refried beans, chilaquiles, enchiladas, chicarron.
If that isn’t enough you can walk outside
Where two chefs are making eggs to order,
Quesadillas filled with a selection of traditional fillings
Which includes rajas de poblano chilis, nopales,
Papas con chorizo, huitlacoche, flor de calabasa con rez
You get the idea.
Along with all this there are home made cinnamon rolls,
Cafe espresso, cafe de la olla, mimosas and juice.
Everything is simply done with a nice range of food choices.
For about $150 pesos

Not only are the grounds beautiful,
An extension of the park below it,
But the colonial architecture
Is classic, tastefully remodeled,
Built at a wonderfully human scale.
It is a place you can sit quitely for hours and enjoy.

Here’s a little video walk through the courtyard,
The sala, the gardens and the chefs cooking outside.

Hotel Santa Monica from Suzanne da Rosa on Vimeo.

Here’s the hotel website

5 thoughts on “Brunch, Hotel Villa Santa Monica”

  • Hi Suzanne – Well I just read your post on the Brunch at the Villa Santa Monica. I highly recommend it. The hotel is at a human scale because it used to be a home. The “adaptive reuse” of it into a boutique resort is well done.

    With that said, you asked that I comment about what emergency room I was at and the care. I wrote about my fall and going to the ER on my blog
    I was at de la fe Hospital. In 9 years, it is the third time I have been in the emergency room for one thing or the other and I’m always impressed with their promptness, their efficiency and the care. Xrays were done to make sure I didn’t have a concussion. Blood and lab work was done since I had had a dizzy spell. I went home after about 4 hours. Since all the lab results weren’t complete, the Dr. called me at home to tell me the results and follow-up suggestions. I am always impressed with the hospital.

    I think I can be a fair observer as I had whooping cough last January and was hospitalized in Houston for 5 days. Compared to de la fe, it was horrible, in so many ways.
    I’m lucky to be alive to write about it! Surprised? I was too!
    Hope I’ve answered your questions.

  • Babs, thanks for your comments on the Hospital de la fe. I’ve been researching all the medical options here in sma for about 4 months now, visiting all the facilities and trying to write something sensible about it here. We just signed up for IMSS. Everyone living here should have it, at least as a backup or option to go along with everything else we do. Everyone I have talked to, both Mexican and American have nothing but good things to say about it. And after your annual fee of $3200 pesos for someone over 65, they don’t charge for anything. Worth considering.

    I read about your experience in Houston and trying to figure out what was going on with you. whooping cough – so hard to imagine with all those vaccinations we all had growing up.

  • Suzanne – Everyone over age 50 needs to have a DPT booster. (I did NOT know this) diptheria, pertussis (which is whooping cough) and tetanus.
    187 or 178 people died of whooping cough this past year. The outbreak was in Colorado (which was where I was at Christmas and probably got on the plane or in the airport.
    It is the sickest, worst thing, I’ve EVER had. Lost 27 #s in 3 weeks from coughing and then vomiting. Horrible. I certainly understand how children die from it – I almost did.

    It will be interesting to see how your use of IMSS goes. I hear positive and negative. I presume, if you go to the blog, that you have my email address ( or you have it on this comment) if you ever have other questions. I’ve been in Mexico, first for business since the late 60’s and then living here for almost 9 years.


  • babs, now that you mention it, about 1.5 yrs ago I updated my tetanus and they told me it was dpt combined – duh, I remember at the time thinking it was strange they gave me the diptheria and whooping cough but now it all makes sense.

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