Trees of Life and Other Clay Work

Arbol de la vida, the tree of life.  They come in a variation of themes – Adam and Eve, the nacimiento, Noah’s arc, God overseeing his kingdom as well as scenes from nature, the animal kingdom, traditional Mexican scenes and dia de los muertos trees.

Saturnino, holding a medium tree

From the finest two inch miniatures with the tiniest minute detail, to fifteen feet tall trees which are laden with thousands of flowers, people, natural scenes and stories they are hecho a mano right down to the smallest pressed flower.

Four inch tree depicting the voladores and other traditional dancers

Besides the decorative trees of life, candleholders, coronas and artistic pieces, the town of Metepec also makes traditional casuelas, cooking pots, cups and natural finish dinnerware.

© Suzanne da Rosa 2012

Music by Ensamble Continuo

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