Valle del Maiz Festival and Parade

I guess you could say this fits right in
With the sounds theme.
This weekend has been the festival
Of the Valle del Maiz,
An annual festival that occurs
On the hillside that heads out to Queretaro.

It coincides with the festival Santa Cruz
Which was  put off for a month,
because of the swine flu closures.
Never fear though, it began in earnest
At 5am Friday morning
With a full hour worth of rockets
I’m not kidding, a full hour,
One after the other, over and over
Booming above the town.

The same happened on Saturday morning
But it began more like around 6am,
Followed by a day of festivities in the community,
Which we did not go to.
It rained in the late afternoon,
But that didn’t seem to stop anything
Including a full fireworks display
In the Jardin last night,
Followed by more rockets this morning.

On Sunday afternoon
The tradition is to parade down the hill
Through the streets of town
Every group in costume,
The mojigangas (which we missed)
The traditional dancers,
The Indian dancers,
The Aztec dancers,
Followed by none other than
Five neighborhood groups of locos,
With earsplitting bouncy music
Booming from big loudspeakers
That sit on the back of pickup trucks
You can’t help but dance along in place
As they gear up for next month’s locos parade.
Later on there will be games,
The greased pole,
The greased pig,
A comparsa – theatre of the absurd
So to speak, and lots of food,
More dancing
And more fireworks.

Here’s a little movie
Of the various groups in today’s parade: