United Nations Day

P1030667Every year, San Miguel celebrates United Nations Day with a children’s parade, mostly the kindergarten classes, dressed in costume from all over the world.  It is followed by civic speeches in the Jardin and mothers holding balloons on which flags of the world are tied, then let into the air.

The parade is accompanied
By a military drum and bugle corp.
Mothers are marching alongside pulling costumes back into place,
Keeping everyone in order, fixing hair
Saying  Stop! Go!  Stop! Go!
They are stomping their feet in time to the drum corp,
Chanting a mantra of uno! dos! tres! cuatro!
As if these children were in training for the military.

You can’t help but love watching them
So innocent and so serious about what they are doing.
This year’s message is about peace
And who you have to be to help make it happen.

Click on the photo below for a short video
And a message for peace.

Click on the photo to view the movie