Click on the photo to see the video of the dancers.

About four pm today
the drumming started.
Indio Dancers, loud
banging drums, whoops
hollers and screaming.

It sounded like it was coming
right down our street
but upon climbing up to the terraza it was obvious that it was about a quarter mile away in the Colonia Independencia.

That’s how the sound travels here – it’s as if  the sound is right outside our front door.

So many numerous times
I have run downstairs, camera in hand,
Open the door and discover
That what I am hearing upstairs
I cannot even hear on the street below.
But inside the house, on the second level,
The sounds echo in as right next door.

From up above I could see the parade
A giant truck with banners and flags
A huge set of speakers,
Drummers, dancers, children
Family walking behind with umbrellas.
The Independencia is almost here.
The rockets began at 5 this morning
Then this parade of dancers and drummers.

they are selling things like this on every street corner
along with Mexican flags in all sizes,
little dolls, pins, whistles, horns and whirly toys –
oh, and big sombreros with red white and green decorations
Along with cheap acrylic serapes, mustaches and scarves.

You can buy:
Senoritas, parrots, chilis and lupita dolls
All wearing serapes and sombreros
Meant to hang over your rear view mirror


You’ll see women like the woman below
Carrying giant flags
Baskets, armloads and rebozos holding
Trinkets to sell, walking the streets.
It must be exhausting to carry this load all day.
Today I saw her  way down calzada de Aurora
Then later in centro – she’s getting around.


Tuesday night at 11pm
They’ll be screaming the Grito,
The cry for independence –
From the Allende museum in the Jardin.
Thousands of people will be squished together
Shoulder to shoulder, unable to move
Chanting along, with tears in their eyes
Followed by fireworks.
It’s a sight to see if you can make it.

Sept. 15th – Early evening in the Jardin
A massive flag of Ingacio Allende
The crowd is getting ready for Ballet Folklorico
Vendors are selling red white and green
In everything imaginable

Families gathering for the festivities.


Two castillo fireworks are set up in front of the church, constructed during the day and set off after the Grito