Senor de las Columnas Returns to Atotonilco

At about 1 am
John woke me to say
I think the procession is nearby
I’m going…

Normally I am up and running
But this time, I am too tired
And unable to rise for the occasion.
I heard the door slam as he left,
He crossed the arroyo
To Avenida Independencia
Where he witnessed a Mass,
About a thousand local people
Accompanying Senor de las columnas
And other carefully wrapped saints
Back to Atotonilco, and formally ending
Semana Santa
This wonderful video is what he returned home with.

1 thought on “Senor de las Columnas Returns to Atotonilco”

  • Funny that we posted all most the same photo on the same day. One of these times I’m going to have to get up and walk El Senor back up Independencia on his way back to Atotonilco.

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