Singing in Spanish #1

Grupo Trebol

Last night at the Feria de Lana y Laton I went by the stage which is set up in the Jardin to see what music was playing. I wanted to try out my new High definition video camera, which in almost every review, said the quality was poor in low light. I wanted to see for myself and figured 5pm – 9pm at 50-60 feet away, would be a good way to start.

Grupo Trebol, the first group,
Is a lively, decked out  young group, fun to watch group.
They play latin, cuban, salsa, cumbia style music,
Their music makes you want to dance,
But more on them later, including some videos.

Cuarteto Regual

Cuarteto Rigual, who play musica romantica,
Whose group members you see walking all over town every day,
In and out of restaurants and homes,
Includes my neighbor, Lorenzo, who lives two doors away.
He is second from the left in the photo and video.
By the time they played, was dark, and I am pleased
With the quality of the video, given the light and distance.

But back to the post,
This is the first in a series to practice Spanish by singing,
To have a little repertoire of songs you can sing along with
When  a group of locals are singing around you,
With mariachis, trios or quartets like this one.
I recorded their entire show,  about 25 songs
Which will all be put here eventually.
I think I’ll call it the Musica Romantica series.
The lyrics are in Spanish and English so you can sing along.

This idea came about when Mexico Bob
Who has a great learning Spanish series on his blog,
Was having a discussion about ways people learn Spanish.
I mentioned singing as a way to have fun with it,
He immediately posted words and videos to songs.
Hopefully, you’ll have some fun with this too.

Click on the photo below for the first song,
“Solamente Una Vez,”
A beautiful, wistful, heartfelt song you have all heard before.
The words, in Spanish and English are below.
The Spanish is very easy on this song, you’ll learn it right away.
Also, feel free to send along any corrections in my translation

Solamente Una Vez – cick on the photo for the video

Solamente una vez   –  Only once

Amé en la vida  –  I loved in life
Solamente una vez  –  Only once
Y nada más – And nothing more
Una vez nada más – Just once nothing more
En mi huerto – In my garden
Brilló la esperanza – Hope shone
La esperanza que alumbra el camino   –  The hope that lights the way
De mi soledad   –  In my solitude
Una vez nada más  –  Only once nothing more
Se entrega el alma  –  It brought in the soul
Con la dulce y total  –  Sweet and total
Renunciación  — Renuciation
Y cuando ese milagro realiza  –   And when that miracle was realized
El prodigio de amarse  –  The miracle of love
Hay campanas de fiesta  –  There were festival bells
Que cantan en el corazón  — That sang in the heart