Locos Parade!

The week long festival of San Antonio de Padua culminates with the ‘Locos’ parade of over 10,000 participants in costume. This first float of San Antonio, brings on the throng of costumed revelers.

The altar is filled with flowers, decorations and flowers.

Wizard princesses….

and the grand wizards start the festivities

Every neighborhood in San Miguel has its own group of locos or crazies, who attend local and neighborhood festivals, and for this one, they convene together to celebrate their loco-ness

From celebrities…

To death, devils and Fidel Castro

Beautiful women and Mexican luchadors

Payasos, payasos…

Carnaval and cartoon characters

Elaborate costumes

and old dancers..

Kewpie like dolls

Cowgirls and cowboys

Fantastical creatures

Hours and hours are spent creating masks, costumes, floats, and perfecting routines.

The range of masks is from paper mache, to cloth, to rubber and plastic.

Pirates with warts on their noses

The Mojigangas, without which a parade would not be complete. Standing about 12 to 15 feet tall, they weave in and out of the crowd, lowering their heads into your face.

The traditional man and woman

Woman of the night…

Groups of luchadors – Rey Misterio, La Parka, Santo and others

Clowns and pirates and big haired women

Baby diablo on his father’s shoulders – his initiation into the big parade.

And, buzz lightyear –

Characters and more characters

Death and skeletons

Hooded figures

More clowns and theatre faces

Monsters and gremlins

The creativity in the hand made masks and costumes is as good as it gets, but unlike the Macy’s parade, this is completely local and hecho a mano!

Saddam with donkey ears, devils, clowns and Santo luchador. No one is left out of the melee.

Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker and Goofy too.


Luchadors fighting in the back of a pickup truck with the foxy babe.

Clowns throwing candy

Huevos in pigtails and hats following the conquistador

Mysterio, handing out candy with reaper behind him

Hands out for candy as the pirates go by

The campesino

Masks worn on the back of heads

What a set of lips!

Some of the best clowns you have ever seen

A young girl between death and George Bush

Vaca loco, death, muertos, skeletons


Shreck wearing Winnie the Pooh

More Death coming….

Mother earth brings up the end

While the early paraders rest on the sidewalk

And the crowds disperse to the south

to the west


and East

And the workers from the local shops stand in the bouganvilla lined entries, hoping for a last glimpse

© All rights reserved, June 2007, Dos Mujeres Mexican Folk Art