Ballet Folkorico


Last night in the Jardin
The Independence celebration
Began at 8pm.
With Ballet folklorico.

Dancers from San miguel
Age six and up
Performed traditional dances
From Michoacan,
Nayarit, Colima, Sinaloa.

The girls,
The young women,

In colorful circular skirts
With ribbons and ruffles,
Whipping and twirling them.

The boys,
The men, wore campesino, charro & regional traditional dress, carrying machetes, dancing with candles balanced on their heads – and a whole lot of foot stomping going on!

The movie – well, it ended up being 10 minutes long
With a nice sampling of all the dances.

The evening began with young girls ages 5-7 practicing on the stage
How young the flirting begins – it begins with the dress, I think – then being put up on stage in front of a thousands of people.


The men
View from below at the edge of the stage
Charros and senoritas
Young boy running around the state prior to the dances


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