Catching Up

2014 Disclaimer:
This reflects the decisions we make in 2009. Anything written here may have changed since then.
This is a log of our story and you will want to do your own research as rules/plans change.

It seems like every time I travel north
It takes weeks
To get back into my normal posting.
These are a little out of order,
I’ll probably be catching up for a week or so.
But I did take a trip
To see my little grandson Andreas,
Andreas in his Charro hat

Who is 7 months
Began crawling while I was there
Lifting his arms to be picked up,
A happy, delightful baby
Who is very social,
Very verbal,
Very physical,
moving all the time,

Beginning to eat solid food now and loves it
Beginning to eat solid food now and loves it

And still not sleeping all night.
All the rest makes up for that though.

His serious look
His serious look

Back to Mexico,
We’ve been to a civil wedding
For my next door neighbor’s daughter Anai.
Things are not what they seem,
and my big faux paux… (the post is up now)
Here’s the wedding/faux paux post, CLICK HERE

Boda Civil
Boda Civil

Then a baptism across the street,
A great party that went until 5am the next day…
(the post is up now)
GO here to view the post


A first communion across the street,
The church, the food, the party, the music…
(the post is up now)
GO HERE to view the post


Sounds of Mexico,
Tree cutting, the knife sharpener and more..
(the post is up now)
Go here to view the post!

We’ve had an election,
The first woman president in San Miguel is elected
I’ve been collecting stories from locals
About their feelings local elections and politicians.
more to come on the election….

Medical insurance here in Mexico,
The story of our search for medical services
I’ve begun this post and there’s more to come
Go here for the first part of the story, local hospitals,
How they work, Social security medical insurance available to expats
And the general hospital which can be an excellent option.
Medical insurance research to come later in the same post.

A bout with salmonella typhi (aka typhoid fever),
Salmonella Typhi post is done click here
And since my return,
1. Another bout with the barking dogs
The ongoing saga –

2. A fantastic chipotle recipe –
Here’s the post


3. And what happens when a leak in your plumbing
Is discovered in the workshop of your next door neighbor.

Our leaking bathroom pipe migrates to the neighbors workshop
Our leaking bathroom pipe migrates to the neighbor's workshop

More to come…