Zoe’s Visit – Day 2

One of the first things
On her list was the tuesday market.
We were out the door at 8:30
To walk to the placita
Via calzada de la luz
Around the canyon that descends
From Charco del ingenio

A rest on the climb to the placita
A rest stop

 We headed straight for the fish stand
To try the pescado enpapelado

Pescado enpapelado – really, in tin foil
Fish enpapelado - click on photo to see the video of John explaining what's in this dish
Fish enpapelado – click on photo to see the video of John explaining what’s in this dish

While we were eating
A belt seller
Unpacked a dozen Iguana head belts
And we headed off to see the market sites
Which were abundant, colorful,
And musically 0utstanding –
Photos and videos below: 

Iguana belt seller
Iguana belt seller

Flyswatters, colorfully arranged, 
By the plastics vendor

Fly swatters
Fly swatters

Organized color is everywhere
Fruit in large cups, and  a matching apron

Fruit cups
Fruit cups

Mamey – a fruit that has the consistency
Of cooked squash but is sweet
And you have to admit
They do a great job of cutting it up

Mame (mam-ay)
Mame (mam-ay)

A video walk through of the market
Of the liveliest (and craziest) musicians
We’ve seen at the market yet
Pescado enpapelado,
Bunnies, chickens, mice
The famous chicken toy
And some tacos:

 While all this is going on
We pass a whole section
With tropical fish, bunnies, chicks, turtles, iguanas
Some of them died blue and green….

Tropical fish
Tropical fish
Bunnies - click on photo for video
Bunnies – 

(video, click on photo)

 Turtles – how can you say no?



Beyond this you’ll find
Bright beyond bright underwear
Hanging under multicolored tarps

Under pants
Under pants and bras for sale

 Plastic bulls and horses
Along with plastic buckets, sponges
Catsup containers and squirt bottles

Plastic toys
Plastic toys
Plastic insects and spiders
Plastic insects and spiders
Green pink and yellow shoe stand
Color coordinated shoes and booth in Easter colors!
Chile candies and nuts
Chile candies and nuts
Pastries that look great but no flavor
Pastries that look great but no flavor
Rows of strawberries
Rows of strawberries

And an all time favorite –
Green sausages from Toluca
They come every Tuesday
With this fabulous meat treat.
Made with pork, cilantro, parsely, pine nuts and almonds
Plus spices – you can try it there
They sell tacos and sell it for 65 pesos a kilo

Green sausage from toluca
Green sausage from Toluca
Chiles and grains
Chiles, hominy, beans, rice and dried shrimp

Mixed in with some faith and religion
The Virgin of Guadalupe
Held together with brown packing tape
Nevertheless, everyone crosses themselves
As they pass by

Virgin of guadalupe Shrine, all taped together
Virgin of guadalupe Shrine

And let’s not forget
Our personal health needs
Starting with the feet – for every type of toe fungus
Athlete’s feet and psoraisis….

Foot remedies
Foot remedies

And folk remedies
Beautifully organized
For the eyes, liver, heart, gall bladder and sex life
And a few things that are a little unclear…

Folk edecine remedies all lined up
Natural folk remedies

Packages of dry remedies
For everything else
Animal, vegetable and cactus remedies

Package remedies, so orderly
Package remedies

To end it all,
We searched through Junk piles
Ignored all the clothing and tools
And headed off to show her Liverpool and the Luciernaga mall.
(next installation)

Zoe, admiring the junk
And lots of junk!