Remodeling Our House

We bought our house
In March 2006
and spent a year remodeling it,
with some breaks in between.

It’s been almost two full years
so it has things like furniture, plants and art,
you’ll have to imagine that it just feels lived in now.

The process of working in another country,
in materials that are foreign (brick and concrete),
along with a crash course in construction education,
the names of 16 different kinds of bricks and their uses, for instance,
the cultural and language barriers to cross,
made it an interesting, challenging experience
to say the least, not to mention fun,
when it’s not frustrating as hell!
Speaking of fun, I have decided recently
to never do anything again in my life
for more than 6 months,
if it isn’t interesting and fun.

So, we fired our architect early on
and worked directly with 2 families of albaniles –
Fausto & Fausto hijo,
Cesar and Lorenzo,
Father in law and son in law,
who brought it all to completion,
and have remained friends with us.
This year, we plan to close in the terraza
It’s a nice fantasy to be out under the tile roof
Looking at the city, but the reality
Is lots of wind, right at the time of day
You want to go up and hang out.
So we’ll make it into
with lots of glass, to be able
to enjoy the views and light year round.

We have a lot of funny stories
About the search, purchase,
and process of closing the escrow
Plus the remodeling
Which was really a total trashing
Of just about everything
Starting all over again.
Which I will fill in with stories
A little later.

Mexico House

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  • Hello,

    I just found your site and viewed your home remodel photos. Quite impressive. The dome is stunning. I have a property in Acambaro (not far from San Miguel) and was involved in remodeling it as well these past two years. I will be back in January to spend another 2 months there and will also attend the San Miguel Writers conference. If possible, I would love to see your home in person.

    Sincerely, Jose

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