Mexico Lindo

Just outside the city limits, on the way to Dolores Hidalgo, there’s a roadside attraction – a mini theme park of sorts called Mexico Lindo.  Enter at your own risk beneath a large, sun-bleached cow skull, facing Christo Rey who resides as a centerpiece in front of a lush palm, welcoming all to this replica of a ghost town.  It’s a zoo of sorts with large iron giraffes, painted carved animals, a carved drunk sitting atop a roof and it houses a very large collection of paintings, carvings and memorabilia. It’s a quirky desert oasis residing on several acres of very relaxed native landscaping.

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Mexico Lindo is really an art gallery. There are hundreds of paintings on wood and metal.  Every saint you can imagine is here along with a large collection of Botero style women and men in all poses from saints to prostitutes to musicians. Old wood cabinet doors are covered in traditional village scenes, fruits and vegetables. It all exists in a setting of cantera saints, skeletons, animals, plus a few modern Navajo style cantera carvings.

The park serves as the family residence and barnyard as well, housing an unknown number of people, burros, roosters and chickens.  The grounds are covered with makeshift buildings and outhouses that have walls made of organ cactus and decrepit antique tequila bars – freshly painted of course. You can even buy a carved deer which has been covered in aluminum and milagros for all the good luck you will need.

On your way out, you’ll find an old hearse. Inside lies an old wood plank coffin, complete with bouquets of fading plasic flowers resting atop. It is elaborately painted with the national symbol of the eagle with a snake in his mouth. A scrolled banner  touting the of the last words of it’s inhabitant decorate the back.  The entire family runs this place, right down to the youngest child who makes sure you have had something to drink, a taco, or a piece of gum.