Georgia & Brian’s Excellent Adventure!

Georgia, my eldest, and her boyfriend Brian
If you still call them boyfriends at 31 years old
Came to visit.
Georgia had lived here for almost 12 years
Leaving for Texas the year we moved here.
She got a job
Bought a car
Bought a house
Setting up home in Lake Dallas Texas

The House
The House

Brian is the perfect match for her
Or maybe she is the perfect match for him
Suffice it to say, we all like him
And we think he likes us.
If not, he’s got the two sisters
And their mother to contend with!

At any rate, this is Brian’s first visit to San Miguel
They are here so that Georgia
Can run the back stage
For the Bajio Theatre Comapany’s production
Of the Three Sopranos.
And  to play.

The themes running throughout the week were:
1. Brian the ham –
I don’t think we have even one photo of him
Without a big fat smile on his face
And a pose for just about everything
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2. Georgia and Brian having fun
This week is also about
Brian’s education about Georgia’s former life
All the touristy things you can do in a week
Including the infamous beer, mojito, margarita day
Which we won’t go into detail,
Let’s just say that Brian had a REALLY good day
And we won’t talk about the next
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3. The Sopranos rehearsals and performance
I have to say
I was not really looking forward to the play.
For weeks I had been working with George
Trying to figure out how to get snow to fall
A series of failures, missed opportunities
Of having someone else cut all that paper
Wondering if Allan could possibly be serious about snow.
Well, he was, and we finally figured it out.
Then Georgia, who had decided to come back
To manage the stage – a job, so to speak
Got here, and realized how much she needed
A vacation.
Stage Prep

Between the two of us
It’s amazing we just didn’t quit.
But we didn’t, and as the week progressed
The rehearsals began
And the energy around it transformed
All of our escapist thoughts.
Brian came with us and was spellbound
Not a one of us has a background in Opera
Or Arias, but the energy of these three women
And their voices were amazing.

At the Friday rehearsal
They announced that they had a young man
‘Alejandro’ – a young protege
Who would be singing in two of the songs with them.
This is new to everyone, including Allan, the director.
At the rehearsal, he looked about 9 years old
In fact he is fourteen and has a voice
That makes it hard to reconcile his image
With the sound that comes out

Click on the photo below to view the rehearsal video of finale,
with singers:
Mariiana del Rocio Corona
Ana Cecilia Ramirez Acevedo
Lilana del Conde
And Alejandro (last name to come)

The Sopranos & Alex at rehearsal
The Sopranos & Alex at rehearsal CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE for the video of the rehearsal finale of the show
Brian - hamming it up again - backstage
Brian – hamming it up again – backstage

4. Fun with the family
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I think it can be said
That it was a successful and fun visit
Georgia and Brian went home
With lots of ideas for transforming their home
their cars
their tattoos
And a desire to come back
[slideshow id=3386706919798178239&w=426&h=320]
On top of that,
We’re all speaking to each other!


Now that I’ve gotten this post done
They’ll quit talking about how I was up to date
On all the rest of the family
Except them –
Will the sibling rivalries ever end?











Georgia & Brian's Excellent Adventure
Georgia & Brian’s Excellent Adventure