Flip Video Ultra HD – the new toy

I’m up in the states again
The land of shopping for things
That you can’t find in Mexico.
Usually, for me, this means things like
Yogi licorice tea,
Costco photo paper, 150 sheets in a box
For about the price of 25 sheets in Mexico.
Shoes, clothes, books,
And little electronic things.
Yesterday, I bought a flip video Ultra HD.

It’s a fit in your hand video camera

It takes 1280 x 720 video

Basically full  screen videos,
120 minutes of video on an 8gb chip.
The battery pack holds for 2.5 hours
(not tested yet).
It has a flip USB on the side
To hook into your computer.

So far, it has taken
Crystal clear video with good sound
It also takes good video in low light.
I’d say the only awkward thing
Is getting used to holding it
As it is small, vertical instead of horizontal
And I keep getting my thumb
In the way of the lens.
When it happens, all I can think is
What’s that in the picture.
The screen is small,
And because the camera fits in your hand,
I keep wanting to put it right in everyone’s face.
I’m sure I’ll train myself to use it though.

In the software that goes on your computer,
You can easily pull snapshots from the various frames.
As well as upload your videos to their site, facebook etc.
So yesterday and today,
I took about 50 videos of little Andreas to practice.
The snapshots below are pulled from the videos,
You can do this with the software that is included.
Click on the snapshot to view the video online.
Here’s a snapshot of him being thrown up in a blanket
Which was pulled from the video.
The online streaming isn’t as clear
As you will see it on your computer
But then Youtube and other hosting services aren’t either.
And you have to look at all their advertising.
I haven’t figured out yet if you can pay to get it off there.

So here are some of the other snapshots:
Not bad, really.  The only thing that was bothering me,
Was not being able to do a combination
Of snaps and video, like I do with my lumix.

So, here he is, bouncing on grandpa’s knee,

Video 10 0 00 06-13 (2)

Eating cherry tomatoes
Video 7 0 00 37-22 (2)

Watching singing cartoons,
Video 45 0 00 36-13

Crawling around the floor
With a belt in his mouth,

Throwing himself around his crib,
Video 33 0 00 03-12 (2)

Video 34 0 00 26-03 (2)
You get the idea.
He’s good to practice on because he never sits still
But with the snapshot capture feature,
I’m able to choose the frames I want.

The camera comes with a free video upload service,
Where you create ‘channels’ for your different collections.
You can send the links by email to friends and family.
The real reason for getting this
Is for putting videos up on the blog.

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