When it rains…

When it rains here, it really rains

It will be sunny all day,
Then a few clouds and some wind come by
Next thing you know it is raining
The hardest rain you have ever seen,
It stays for a half hour to an hour
Then goes away and the sun comes out again.

Last night, we went to dinner
At a little outside cafe
It was threatening to rain,
Then it did, but we decided to stay
Eat outside, and see what happened.
We ate from a communal molcajete pot
That is bubbling when it comes to the table
With a red salsa, grilled nopales and poblano chilis
Red chorizo and chicken plus a few other vegetables

It looks and tastes great, eaten with corn tortillas.

Before it began raining, a group of young people
Dressed in yellow t-shirts came down the street
Arm in arm, behind a group of dressed up
Cervantino (estudiantino) singers from Guanajuato
A mini parade of sorts, everyone singing
At the top of their lungs, and laughing.
From there, the rain began,
Soon cars were up to their hubcaps in water
Police on horseback rambled down the street.
People took off their shoes to cross to the other side
Wading calf deep in the rushing waters
We took pictures as the downpour progressed
Although it was wet, it was not cold

Below is the slideshow,
including two videos at the end

From Dinner Under the Umbrella